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    • Once you login, the session stays active for 20 minutes. You must finish the booking in this time period.
    • While booking your tickets, please be clear and definite at all steps and DO NOT press the back button on the browser. This can result in your tickets being blocked for half an hour.
    • Once you have paid for your tickets, please ensure that you download the E-Ticket. Tickets are NOT sent to your e-mail.
    • You can make only one transaction against one user ID, one IP Address, one e-mail address, one mobile number, one ID proof and one credit/debit card for a maximum of 5 tickets in a span of 30 days.
    • Tickets can only be cancelled after 24 hours has elapsed from the time of booking. Online Cancellations are not allowed 04 days prior to travel date. At that point you must send cancellation request by email to info@himalayanheli.com
    • Only Visa / Mastercard based credit / debit cards are acceptable, American Express cards are not accepted.
    • By orders of the Shrine Board, children below 13 years of age and senior citizens above 75 years are not permitted to undertake the Yatra.
    • Last day only one way ticket is avaliable and operation shall stop at 0900 AM.
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